What is Autism?

Autism is the term used to describe one of the most severe and distressing forms of mental disorder affecting one in every hundred and fifty new born child. However, this international Statistic has gone up.


Effects of Autism

Autistic children suffer severe learning problems which impede their capacity to interpret and understand the everyday messages from the world around them; words, gestures, signs, numbers, letters and even love.

After childhood, they are characterised by unusual speech patterns and unusual self-imposed isolation. Outwardly attractive in appearance, their lives appear to alternate between periods of mysterious gaiety and the deep distress of the lost and frightened.

About Us

The Nigerian Autistic Society is an indigenous Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) which was founded in 1993 and registered with NO 22073 at the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja, Nigeria.


The society is made up of parents, friends, professionals and students dedicated to the education and welfare of autistic people.

Our aim is to raise the visibility of autism and broaden the services available for individuals who have autism and related disorders of communication and behaviour in Nigeria. The Autistic Healing School is at AJ's playgroup foundation, which is dedicated to early childhood development, encouraging autistic and communication-handicapped children.

The Institute also provides Day care, Nursery and Primary education for non-handicapped children. People with special needs have separate facility for training but attending our music nursery rhymes sessions is encouraged.

AJ's Playgroup Foundation

Our Services

Through the AJ Playgroup Foundation, we offer many rehabilitation activities.


Through agricultural work, the members participate in beautifying the surroundings of the home and learn about nature, plants and the hot/dry seasons.


Work with computers can be done on an individual basis using different programs including reading, writing, identifying parts of the body and special coordination. The goal is to encourage independent work habits and to improve self-expression.

Music Theraphy

As a therapeutic tool, music can help develop their emotional world and encourage social cooperation.


Recreation hours are devoted to walks and cycling in the surroundings next to the school. Happy hours are spent in watching TV, singing and dancing together.


This is a major part of the daily schedule. The members are employed in light manufacturing tasks and every member participates according to his abilities,They learn how to sew simple stitches.

Self Help

The members, with the help of the workers, prepare light meals, learn to bathe themselves and other household chores. This way, a sense of independence is nurtured and a relationship is created between the members and their home environment.


Athletics are used to promote physical fitness and they also provide a means of self-expression through movement and a means of relieving tension. Learning activities like hop scotch, jumping, running, throwing and catching a ball are done with adult intervention.


AJ's Playgroup Building



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Contact Us

We are currently seeking voluntary overseas services to assist us.

Contact details

Email: nigerianautisticsociety@yahoo.com

Email: info@nigerianautisticsociety.com

Phone: +234-803-665-0046

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Postal Address: P.O.Box 7173, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.

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